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Microgaming are one of the leading software companies responsible for designing games for online casinos. Based on the Isle of Man, they have been around since the early days of the industry, having been founded back in 1994. They are now one of the biggest in the business, probably second only to NetEnt with a portfolio of hundreds of excellent slots and other games.

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Their relative veteran status means that they can boast not only one of the biggest ranges of games but also the broadest. While NetEnt are undoubtedly number one (we would say that wouldn’t we?), it must be admitted that Microgaming are worthy rivals. And if there is one area where this company is definitely the best in the business it is their excellent selection of vintage and classic games. Here, they definitely do have an advantage.

This advantage is derived from two factors. Their long history means that they were first designing games at a time when there was no such thing as Wi-Fi, and the mobile phone had only recently become a mass market must have. And these were still relatively simple devices. Screens were tiny, Nokia were the kings of the technology and the best games available were simple on-device titles like Snake. Online gaming was in its infancy and not possible on mobile devices like phones.

Graphics were therefore simpler then, both because of a basic lack of computer power and because the simpler the game, the easier it was to load and play. This meant that what seems like a clunky, basic game was cutting edge twenty years ago.

The second factor is the company’s heritage. Based in the United Kingdom (or at least within its territorial waters – we won’t get into the Isle of Man’s unique politic status), it had been steeped in the British tradition of the one armed bandit, end of the pier style fruit machine which many companies based overseas did not have. Therefore its early designs, like Big Top, Cool Buck, Crazy Chameleons and Spring Break remain firm favourites with nostalgia fans everywhere.

Another one of the company’s strong areas was born in 2014. This year saw the release of a real game changer which brought the industry into the new age of modern graphics we have come to expect today: Lara Croft’s Tomb Raider was an immediate success. This movie tie-in was a monster hit and remains a popular classic to this day. The company became masters of this genre, with further releases like Jurassic Park and Terminator 2 (2014) and Game of Thrones (2015) making Microgaming the undisputed kings of the TV and movie franchise.

Today, the company continues to produce great slots and certainly manages to keep their rivals at NetEnt on their toes. With their wide range of table game formats also a big factor, Microgaming are another essential name on the list of games software providers. Major online casino operators know that they must provide this company’s games for their players, or they may not remain loyal customers for long.