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Over the last few years, a revolution has taken place in the way we play games online. In the early days of the online casino, games were mostly played at a desk, on a PC or Mac. Then came the laptop, but these were still pretty cumbersome, and still had to be linked to a static phone line.

But in recent times, developments in the processing power and display quality of smartphones has vastly increased the viability of these gadgets to cope with the complex and fast moving graphics involved in playing games. This, along with the improvement in Wi-Fi both at home and out and about has led to the decline of the desktop when it comes to online gaming. With all this technological development, gone are the days of frustrating signal drop outs and black spots. Well, not gone exactly, but less common. There remain a good few rural signal deserts and urban black spots, but in general, things are much better for most people.

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Today, far more gaming is done on the go on a smart phone or tablet than on old school desk bound devices. All you need is a decent Wi-Fi or phone signal to be able to play wherever you are. And with this revolution in playing habits, has come a corresponding change in the way we like to pay for our gaming.

Boku’s Pay by Phone service is at the heart of this new world of convenience. Now, mobile players across the world can opt to pay just by using their phones. No more fiddling with plastic cards. No need any more for those complicated electronic payments or pre-payment cards. Now, all you need is your phone number.

Just by providing this number, your payments can be deducted via your phone service provider’s monthly phone bill. And non-contract phone users are not left out either: these players can choose to have their deposits deducted from their remaining phone credit instead.

It’s quick, and best of all, it’s secure. By using boku, there is no need to send any personal banking information at all. No one can overlook or overhear when you enter your credit or debit details, because you no longer have to use them. This applies even if you are using an open Wi-Fi connection, which are renowned for being potentially insecure. No-one can intercept your personal financial information if you aren’t sending any!

So by using boku’s convenient Pay by Phone service, it’s quick, easy, secure, and all you have to do is use the phone you’re using to play your games on in the first place. What could be simpler?

It is only fair to point out that there can be some downsides when using this method to make your deposits though. Firstly, there is generally a limit to the amount of money you can deposit using this method. This is to prevent unexpectedly large bills mounting on your mobile bill, and to protect your phone signal supplier from being landed with your gaming debts. At the time of writing, this limit is generally set at a maximum of £30 per day.

Secondly, some casinos charge a fee for using this service. Whilst almost all other payment options remain fee free, a few operators do now impose a charge for players who Pay by Mobile. It is a legal requirement for casinos to inform you in advance if this is the case, so you should receive fair warning before making a payment. All we can say is: keep your eyes open for the few casinos that are charging for what should be a free and convenient service.

Nevertheless, many NetEnt casinos, and indeed other casinos in the wider online world, now accept Pay by Mobile as a payment method. They recognise the convenience and popularity of this secure service with on the go players across the globe. More and more online casinos are accepting this innovative new approach to online payments.

And here at, we’ll check out the payment options available to players when we find a new casino. That way, you’ll be able to choose a site which enables you to get your gaming started quicker and easier than ever before.